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The Regional Training Institute of the Atlantic States is Planning a


Youth Camp on Summer Weekends

General Details

A weekly retreat experience for junior youth and youth in 7th to 12th grade who want to be a part of a purposeful team who train, support, and inspire one another to mentor younger generations and lead local communities forward. From Thursday Night to Saturday Night during the summer from July 8 to August 13. 

Dates & Times

Thursday 6pm to Saturday 9:30pm

July 14-16

July 21-23

July 28-31* (Includes Sunday)

August 4-6

August 11-13


Team of youth animators and teachers, 7th to 12th grade

Adults Accompanying

The Group

Brett Emmons 

Caroline Mazloom

Kenny Rogers 

Each Participant Will Need

Sleeping bag or bed sheets, pillow, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, body soap, shampoo, change of clothing, bug repellant, shoes and clothes for water/mud/sand, water bottle, snacks

Additional Details

Meals and snacks provided.

Sleeping bag available if needed. 

Time and Place of Departure   

Thursdays at 6pm - Maryland Youth, via home pick-up arrangements

Time and Place of Return

Saturdays at 10:00pm - return home

Mode of Transportation

Car rides provided

Field Trip Permission Form

Has my permission to participate in the Summer Weekend Youth Camps from Thursday, July 14 to Saturday, August 13 of 2022

Will You Attend the Whole Trip?
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